ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 4 - Issue: 47 - 12/04/2015

Ohio River Bridge Crossing Projects - Live Cams and Timelapse Videos

The Indiana Department of Transportation has set up an information website for the construction of the Downtown Crossing bridge project across the Ohio River. The website has a page with 24 live webcams with different vantage points of the project. Each webcam also has a time-lapse feature to view progress from the beginning. A separate website has been set up for the East End Crossing connecting Utica, IN to Prospect, KY.



Downtown Crossing Project Home Page

Click here to view Downtown Crossing webcams.  To see a time-lapse video, select a camera and click on the time-lapse icon on the top right of the screen.

Click here for a collection of short clips by members of the project staff.


East End Crossing Project Home Page

Click here to view East End Crossing webcams.




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