ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 4 - Issue: 43 - 11/06/2015

Construction Blog Highlights

Solid Tips for Architectural Concrete Finishes

Few things in life are free and when it comes to concrete finishes, too many project owners want Class A finishes on a Class C budget. Chad Godwin of Godwin Forming Systems says, “It’s like paying for a hamburger and wanting the cheese for free.” In a Nov. 2 blog post at, Godwin offers nine recommendations to follow when placing architectural concrete. You can read about the nine tips here.


Safety Sensors May Help Prevent Future Bridge Collapses

Eight years after the deadly Mississippi River Bridge collapse in Minneapolis, engineers are taking innovative steps to avoid another tragedy. The new bridge has been installed with 323 sensors in the foundation. These sensors can detect load and vibration changes that could compromise the structure’s soundness. This new technology will have short- and long-term safety implications as the nation’s aging infrastructure is repaired and replaced, says blog writer Jim Shadid, who writes for Heavy Construction Systems Specialists (HCSS). His Nov. 2 article can be viewed here.


Church Construction Slump at an End?

The nation’s decline in formal church worship has resulted in a 13-year religious building slump. But the market may have bottomed out and see a resurgence in the near future, reports Ben Leubsdorf of The Wall Street Journal. A new report by Dodge Data & Analytics predicts that religious construction spending will rebound in the coming year. You can read the Oct. 30 WSJ blog post here.


5 Best Practices for Construction Risk Management

Projections for 2016 may be positive, but unless construction risk management is part of a company’s business model, survival and growth may be at risk, says blog writer Rachel Burger for Capterra Construction Management Blog. Her Oct. 30 post (here) details five ways to keep risks under control. The blog’s home page can be viewed here.




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