ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 3 - Issue: 31 - 08/01/2014

ConstructionPro Week Seeks Your Input on the Use of Drones at Construction Sites

By Paul Levin   


Drones -- or more specifically, multi-rotor radio-controlled helicopters, which are readily available at hobby shops -- have been demonstrated to be capable of taking high-resolution aerial photos and videos of construction sites. The units, most frequently in a “quadcopter” configuration, are about the size of a desktop printer and do not require a license to operate, although the Federal Aviation Administration has banned them from commercial use. Several organizations have researched drones’ viability for other uses, including thermal imaging energy use studies, safety monitoring, bridge inspections, and conveying materials. The editors at ConstructionPro Week are interested in your thoughts and experiences regarding the use of drones on construction sites. Please take a minute to complete our six-question survey on the topic. To take the survey, click here. Respondents will be able to access the survey results and receive coverage of additional drone use research. You are welcome to leave comments below.



how can I contact drone users in Maryland or nj or Delaware for a project I want to do
Posted by: percy ransome - Monday, August 04, 2014 3:50 PM


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