ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 3 - Issue: 22 - 05/30/2014

Consultants Offer Schedule Update Advice To Improve TIA Submissions

By Steve Rizer


When submitting a time impact analysis (TIA), it is a good idea to provide narratives, even in the absence of a contractual requirement to do so, Warner Construction Consultants Inc.’s Zeynep Guven told professionals attending WPL Publishing’s “Consideration of Claims Issues in the Creation and Update of Schedules” webinar, a recording of which recently was added to the ConstructionPro Network ( Download Library free of charge for members. She noted that a TIA narrative should “clearly explain the changes encountered, the procedure followed, and the schedule impact of the change.”


Guven, a consultant with Rockville, Md.-based Warner, stressed that TIAs “only are as good as the schedule they’re inserted into. So, prior to the insertion of the TIA, the schedule update must be revised to reflect the current plan.” She made these comments during the “Schedule Updates” segment of the 90-minute webinar.


With multiple concurrent TIAs, a TIA for each issue should be prepared separately, according to Guven. Furthermore, when requesting time extensions, “it’s best to request time extensions separately for each TIA. It’s also important to request an extension to a certain date as opposed to requesting a duration increase. This is important because not all of the TIAs might be approved. By submitting them separately, the impact of each issue will be clearer.”


Guven and co-presenter J. Kimon Yiasemides, executive consultant for Warner, compiled for webinar attendees the following list of improper implementations:



Following these steps and others suggested earlier in the webinar “hopefully will make the project schedule a claims-avoidance tool rather than a claims-support tool,” Guven told the audience. 


In addition to the topic of schedule updates, Guven and Yiasemides also discussed baseline creation, focusing on “level of detail,” the identification of work responsibilities, weather delays, the use of fundamentals in baseline schedule creation, and other issues.    


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