ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 1 - Issue: 19 - 09/10/2012

‘First Private, Completely Self-Powered Building’ in New York City Scheduled to Open This Month

By Steve Rizer


The first private, completely self-powered building in New York City will open this month, according to Darien, Conn.-based Soluxe Solar. The $700,000 Delta building will combine solar and wind energy to generate its own heat, electricity, and water, meeting all of its energy needs. The structure is expected to serve as a showcase for green building technologies and an ongoing educational resource for schools and tour groups.


The project, spearheaded by Voltaic Solaire, broke ground in 2010 and was built in cooperation with Ikea, Samsung, Sharp, Kingston Block, and Eemax. The Delta will triple as a bed and breakfast, restaurant, and residence.


“For many years, urban green design was defined by what people said couldn’t be done,” Soluxe Solar Chief Executive Officer Jeffrey Mayer said. “Rather than being defined by limitations, The Delta highlights the incredible possibilities for urban green construction when ingenuity and determination combine and companies come together to create something revolutionary. It is the perfect project to be highlighted by our Solar Flare.”



It all sounds "foreign" to me done with American $$$$$$$.

Hey apparently they haven't seen the "Space ship" homes out side Taos, NM. They have been there forever. What appliances will be used to cook meat store food to meet Public Health codes?

How many polluting batteries will be used in the life of the structure? What is wrong with using Natural Gas as the public power source?

They have gone backwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope they had fun spending my hard earn tax dollars in all the free monies they received from US Gov.Grants. No one would take their own monies and do this.

As much as I have paid in taxes and complained of nonsense Gov spending it is worth the show of people displaying their ignorance.Entertainment isn't cheap.Let the GOV keep spending in squirrel cage models while I laugh all the way to the bank.

"Delta Dawn" I am Not.


Posted by: Helene Patel - Friday, September 14, 2012 12:34 PM


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