ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 34 - 12/17/2009

LATISTA Field Automation Software integrates Navisworks Project Design, Synchronized BIM Modeling Capabilities

Latista Technologies has announced that its Field automation software has integrated Autodesk Navisworks project design and synchronized building information modeling (BIM) modeling capabilities. Autodesk is a provider of computer aided drawing and BIM software.

Combining Latista Field's mobile and web-based solution with comprehensive Navisworks models enables owners, architects, engineers, and construction professionals to update, access, and share information on one construction model on and off of the jobsite.


To improve efficiency and accuracy, Latista integrates information from the Navisworks model and augments in Latista Field it with statuses, issues, and actions for automating field operations, including quality assurance and control, materials tracking, production tracking, punch list, and commissioning.


With a mobile tablet PC in the field, a Latista user can key in or scan the item's tag code from RFID or barcode and status the item. At the office, the Naviswork model is automatically updated with the latest statuses from the field, generating an instant up-to-date view of the project's progress. Project teams and owners benefit from having a visual representation of the latest information from the field because shared information leads to less confusion and fewer delays.




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