ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 90 - 01/14/2011

3D Equipment Library Developed for Building-Controls Industry

QA Graphics recently announced the development of a new 3D Equipment Library for the building-controls industry.


The library “offers offers high-end 3D graphics that can be used to develop system graphics that more accurately represent the mechanical equipment in place at a facility,” according to QA Graphics, noting that it can be used within most building-automation-system (BAS) software. “The library provides realistic representations of equipment from product lines including York, Carrier, Trane, McQuay, Liebert, Ingersoll, Baltimore Aircoil Company, Buderus, Cleaver Brooks, Murray, and AAON."



Users can maintain their existing BAS software and incorporate images from the 3D Equipment Library to create system graphics that provide better visualization and more accurately represent the mechanical equipment being monitored, QA stated. The library offers images for more than 40 pieces of equipment, including air compressors, boilers, cooling towers, air handing units, rooftop units, generators, pumps, electrical and other miscellaneous components. The library will continue to be expanded with new graphics to be added in the upcoming months, including cooling towers, RTUs, chillers, and others.


The graphics in the 3D Equipment Library provide cutaways of the mechanical equipment with more animations and details than typically provided with BAS software. For example, graphics of chillers provided by BAS software typically only animate the on/off function, while QA Graphics’ chillers show the on/off function as well as the compressor, evaporator, and condenser animations. In BAS software, rooftop units may only show the fans spinning while QA Graphics’ images include animations for the fans, heating and cooling coils, dampers, blowers, heat wheels, and compressors.




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