ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 28 - 11/04/2009

BIM Proving Financially Viable, Increasingly Popular: Survey

Building information modeling (BIM) is proving to be a worthwhile investment, according to recent research conducted by McGraw-Hill Construction.


Approximately two in every three respondents to a recent McGraw-Hill survey reported gaining a positive return on investment (ROI) in their BIM investments. About 87 percent of "expert users" participating in the survey indicated that they experienced a positive ROI from their BIM investments. About 20 percent of BIM users who measure ROI reported returns exceeding 50 percent. Offering new services with BIM was considered the top-rated business benefit of BIM among roughly half of the survey respondents.


Additionally, about two of every three respondents indicated that BIM's ability to assist a company in maintaining repeat business with past clients yields at least a moderate level of value. About one in every three users of BIM use such modeling on at least 60 percent of their projects, according to McGraw-Hill. Approximately 42 percent of users are considered to be at an "expert" or "advanced" level.


The company further reported a 75 percent increase in the use of BIM or BIM-related tools over the last two years.


For the survey, McGraw-Hill this past summer surveyed 2,228 architects, engineers, contractors, and others about their use of BIM. The margin of error was less than five percent.

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