ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 79 - 10/28/2010

Beck Releases New Version of DProfiler

Beck Technology Ltd. has released the latest version of DProfiler, the company's flagship macro building information modeling (BIM) software integrating modeling, cost estimating, energy analysis, and now site topography analysis.

With the new DProfiler Site3D Module, users can introduce topography to their model by importing DWG or DXF, or by locating a project site in Google Earth and clicking "import." Proposed site plans then can be rapidly created in DProfiler and the cut and fill quantities and costs are calculated on the fly. The new module enables users to review construction cost, site cost, and energy cost simultaneously in a single application and study several different prototypes across all disciplines "very quickly," according to the company.



"Site3D is another user-requested integrated analysis module in DProfiler," Beck Chief Operating Officer Steward Carroll said. "The module has been over two years in the making with input from clients such as Clark, EMJ, and Apex. We previewed this module at our User Conference in June and had a great response, but we're anxious to see the broader response from owners, contractors, engineers, and architects alike. We believe DProfiler with Site3D is highly unique in the marketplace, and we think it could be a game changer in project planning and budgeting."


In addition to Site3D, the company stated that the new version has other enhancements to the product, including more robust PDF importing, more flexible parking lot authoring and modifying, enhanced interior space creation automating the costing as the model is sketched, new Dynamic summary rows in all costing views, and new user templates for setting company standard fees, soil types, or other sets of preferences.




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