ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 5 - Issue: 24 - 06/17/2016

Construction Blog Highlights

On a regular basis, we highlight content posted on other blogs that we feel would benefit our readers.  This week's blog highlights include:


31 Tech Startups Attacking the Construction Industry

CB Insights, a firm providing data collection, financial and research services to corporations, investment banks, venture capital firms and management consultants, identified 31 "startups" targeting the A/E/C industry in a June 12 post on its industry blog page. CB categorized these into a "market map spanning 7 key emerging categories" (we would have just said 7 categories), and many not exactly "emerging."  Here they are:

  • Collaboration Software
  • Building/Project Information
  • Marketplaces
  • Financial Management
  • Data & Analytics
  • Design Software
  • Frontier Tech Applications

Some of the firms listed are not startups but already leaders in their respective fields (Procore, Newforma). We guess they're included here because they had venture capital behind them when they started five years ago or more.  A number of the so-called categories actually overlap, and generally fall in the category of building information modeling (BIM). To see the complete list, visit the CB blog post here. Starting next week, ConstructionPro Week will report on the business offerings of each of these companies and will give our readers an opportunity to provide feedback.  Stay tuned.

Tips for Managing and Sticking to Your Project’s Budget

The CCS Construction Staffing Blog offers four simple tips for managing your budget:

  • Visit the job as you write your bid
  • Research material costs - big and small
  • Partner with a staffing firm
  • Offer higher entry-level wages

Of course they threw in the last two items because they are a staffing firm. However, if you are a small firm and cannot maintain a work force level that is required for varying job demands, this may make sense.  Check it out here.

UK Suffering from Worker Scarcity Too

Speaking of construction recruitment firms, a recent survey by a UK recruitment trade group found that wages in the construction sector are growing along with demand for temporary construction workers. ConstructionPro Week reported last month about the rise in construction spending and the concern of shortages as millennials become the majority of the workforce in the US. The UK survey did not identify the cause of the shortages, but did express concern that the problem will get worse if Britain leaves the UK.  Learn more about the post from the UK's Staffing Industry Analysts blog here.

Apple Spaceship Features 'Breathing' Concrete, Unique Glass Panels & More

Xavier Harding posted an article at the Popular Science site showing photos, videos and details of Apple's new "spaceship" campus due to be complete in 2017.  Curved glass panes measuring 36'-46' by 10' high and weighing over 7,000 pounds will let light in but keep the elements out.  Concrete floor decks will be hollow and serve as HVAC ducts.  The roof will be covered in solar panels, expected to supply 75% of the building's energy needs.  Click here to view the full article.




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