ConstructionPro Week, Volume: 4 - Issue: 10 - 03/13/2015

BIM Experience Survey – Part 2: BIM Tool Usage

Last week, we covered some basic demographics and data from ConstructionPro Network’s 2015 BIM Experience Survey. This next installment looks more closely at responses from the 47% of respondents who have had experience with one or more BIM tools or processes to determine which applications are currently being used. As might be expected, a full 63% reported Revit as their primary tool of choice. Navisworks was reported as the primary tool by 5% of users with all other applications representing 2% or less. Navisworks was reported as the most popular secondary BIM tool by 21% of users.  Other BIM tools named by respondents include:


SketchupBIM 360 GlueBentley 3DGrasshopper
TeklaAutodesk Civil 3DSisquePlangrid


The satisfaction level of the tools used appears to be high, as a full 80% indicated they will continue using the tools they have already used. This may be misleading, however, with 54% expressing interest in trying different tools, and 34% wanting to add other tools for additional functions. Please tell us your experience with BIM tools and applications, and what enhancements you would like to see made by vendors.




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