ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 110 - 06/03/2011

Bentley, Tekla Partner to Advance Interoperability of Software within BIM Workflows

Bentley Systems Inc. and Tekla Corp. have formed a joint collaboration to further advance the interoperability of software within building information modeling (BIM) workflows. The companies are improving interoperability between the Tekla Structures BIM software and Bentley’s Integrated Structural Modeling (ISM) methodology.


Once ISM-linked, Tekla Structures will interoperate with all other ISM-enabled software including Bentley’s STAAD, RAM Concept, RAM Elements, Structural Modeler, ProSteel, and ProConcrete. Tekla Structures links with various other systems through the Tekla Open API application Tekla Open API application programming interface that is implemented using Microsoft .NET technology.


With ISM, structural practitioners can choose the software they need for each project task while benefiting from the efficiencies of data reuse as they participate in multidisciplinary, integrated project workflows.


“This allows them take full advantage of BIM best practices to reap significant business benefits and results in intelligent structural designs, more successful projects, and better-performing buildings and structures of all types,” according to Bentley.


Added Santanu Das, vice president of Bentley’s Integrated Engineering Group: “Having Tekla embrace ISM puts our common structural software users on the road to substantial, game-changing productivity improvements. By providing the ability to track, control, visualize, and easily share changes, our two companies are greatly improving the data fidelity and software interoperability experience of these practitioners.


“Upcoming enhancements to ISM will include connections and concrete reinforcing. These will further meet users’ interoperability needs and reduce the data re-entry and repetitive cross-checking among products that continue to be a mainstay process in far too many of today’s structural projects.”




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