ConstructionPro Week, Volume: Construction Advisor Today - Issue: 75 - 10/01/2010

CDV Systems Announces Codebook V9 For FM

Portsmouth, R.I.-based  CDV Systems Inc., an implementation and training industry company for Autodesk Revit and U.S. distributors of CodeBook, recently announced CodeBook V9 for FM. CodeBook for FM facilitates parameter creation and bidirectional data flow and integration with Revit Architecture and Revit MEP models to IBM Maximo for FM data as well as room coordinate points to ESRI for GIS location tracking data.


"For years, there has been a clear divide between BIM [building information modeling] data and FM/GIS data," CDV founder Cyril Verley said. "CodeBook's link completes the definition of a building's 'Full Lifecycle Management,' allowing BIM parameter data to flow across all platforms during all phases. This changes the whole dynamic of BIM. BIM can now be used not only for pre-design, documentation construction, and as-built development but can also continue into FM/OM GIS for room, space, and asset management and sets the stage for future pre-design renovation, completing the full project lifecycle."

For the past 14 years, the company believes that CodeBook has had a well-established and proven record of success integrating and bidirectionally linking project programs, equipment, and furniture data using an MS Access database with CADD or BIM programs such as Autocad, Microstation, and Revit Architecture & MEP 2009, 2010, and 2011, 32 and 64-bit. CodeBook plans to release its SQL version soon.

Once linked, CodeBook allows the monitoring and validation of design changes during the entire design and documentation process by comparing the "required" program and asset data to the "designed" model data in the Revit project. Parameter data can flow back and forth between programs and BIM models, allowing CodeBook to manage the project program, equipment furniture, and other asset needs while Revit manages the graphical data.  


CodeBook reports data, formatted for Maximo and ESRI GIS use, and reports data in MS Word using templates as well as output report data for use in Excel and Access. Because the bulk of the project information data resides in CodeBook, the demands on the Revit model are significantly reduced, decreasing the BIM file size down to more manageable levels, the company stated.


"The ability for CodeBook FM to integrate with Revit MEP opens many new doors to better manage MEP requirements, system, and equipment data for the full lifecycle of a project," said Daniel Stonecipher, CDV's director of MEP Development. "For owners, designers, and builders, this integration allows the project to quickly react to different design requirements throughout the stages of design, irrespective of delivery method, and facilitates a smooth transition from Design to FM/OM and back. We see building retrofits are increasingly being realized for their many sustainable, social, and financial benefits, and MEP design is at the heart of any renovation."




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