Article Date: 12/27/2013

ConstructionPro Week Compiles List of 21 New Construction Law Publications

By Steve Rizer


ConstructionPro Week has compiled a list of 21 books and other documents addressing construction law that various entities, such as the American Bar Association (ABA), began making available sometime in 2013. The publications focus on a wide variety of topics, such as the legal aspects of the architecture, engineering and construction process; contractor license law; and contract bond surety subrogation rights.


Among the publications are the following:


Construction Damages and Remedies, Second Edition -- Among the subjects covered are remedies and damages related to bidding, remedies and damages available to owners, design professional liability to clients, contractor and subcontractor remedies for breach, and tort damages. “Key principles of damages in the construction context and the remedies that support them are distilled into a readable and accessible format, and summaries of the applicable law and practical advice in its applications are also included,” ABA stated. For additional information, visit


The Contract Bond Surety’s Subrogation Rights -- “This detailed and comprehensive book addresses the contract bond surety’s subrogation rights. The book flows from the general principles and required elements of the surety’s subrogation rights to the application of those rights in specific situations,” ABA stated. “This book is essential for both sureties and any other parties and their counsel competing with the surety for the bonded contract funds and other property.” For additional information, visit


Lien & Bond Claims in the 50 States -- This publication “summarizes lien and bond requirements for each state and the District of Columbia, divided by public and private work,” according to American Subcontractors Association Inc. “It provides information about effectively filing and executing claims.” For additional information, visit Detail&ivd_formkey=69202792-63d7-4ba2-bf4e-a0da41270555&ivd_cst_key=00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000&ivd_prc_prd_key=6E562B90-984A-4F31-B624-8708DEDE0B2F.


2013 Contractors License Law & Reference Book -- “This book is designed as a quick-reference tool to help [California's] 300,000 licensees keep up with continual changes in state contracting law,” Contractors State License Board Registrar Steve Sands said. “It’s also a great resource for anyone trying to get their state contractor license." For additional information, visit


Legal Aspects of Architecture, Engineering and the Construction Process, 9th Edition -- “The primary focus of this text is to provide a bridge for students between the academic world and the real world,” according to Cenage Learning. “This bridge is built through an understanding of what is law, how law is created, how law affects almost every activity of human conduct, and how legal institutions operate. Intended mainly for architectural and engineering students, but increasingly for those in business schools and law schools, this text features a clear, concise, and jargon-free presentation. It probes beneath the surface of legal rules and uncovers why these rules developed as they did, outlines arguments for and against these rules, and examines how they work in practice. Updated with the most recent developments in the legal aspects of architectural, engineering, and the construction processes, this text is also a valuable reference for practitioners and has been cited in over 25 court decisions.” For additional information, visit||177565300026680380759987072672515244&N=11&Ntk=all||P_EPI.


The complete list of 21 publications can be accessed in the ConstructionPro Network member version of this article.



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